Cabbage Bhaji

Source: My Digital Camera

Source: My Digital Camera

This recipe deserves it’s own post, I know I posted this before with a combo of Jamaican Shrimp but Cabbage Bhaji makes a great side and topping on many other things!  Since trying this recipe I have had it in bread and with rice alone.  It’s additive!  You know one of these days I’m sure I’m going to run into a recipe that makes me cringe but until then I love the fact that each new recipe I try turns out to taste so Good!  Lets Grub!

There are many benefits and treatments that cabbage is used for and of course the carrots are good for the eyes.  Since I wear glasses I try to keep my prescription from getting any worse.  New glasses are not cheap.  I love my contacts more though 🙂  Check out some nutrition info on Health Food Nutrition a site I trust!

Again here is the recipe on youtube!

Cabbage Bhaji by foodsofbangladesh


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