Rice and Cassava

Source: My Digital Camera

Source: My Digital Camera

Hey Butterflies!  I was doing some Home Health Care for an elderly man from Sierra Leone last year and he taught me a few recipes from his homeland.  Now the smell from this recipe alone brings you to the kitchen faster than coffee lol!  I can not tell you how wonderful the texture and spice brings a joy to your taste pallet.  You can use any meat or fish to this recipe or without.  It makes a great vegan dish and although this dish has low carlories, the tubers of cassava has fat so eat in moderation.  Other nutrition info:  filled with vitamins A, B1 and C, also contain calcium, phosphorus, protein, carbohydrate and iron (Nutrition Source: Health Food Nutrition)


1 lbs Cassava Leaves (can be found in any African, Tropical or Asian Store)

1 Yellow Onion, roughly chopped

1 Red Bell Pepper, roughly chopped

1 Scotch Bonnet (or do not use if you do not like spicy foods, it’s just as good without it)

2 Maggie Cubes (or Bouillion; Vegetable, Seafood, Chicken or Beef flavor depending on your meat or vegan choice)

1 TBS Salt/Black Pepper

1.5 Cup Peanut Butter (also called ground nut)

1 lbs fish, meat or vegetables of your choice (meat is usually boiled then fried)

4 TBS Palm Oil (can be found in any African, Tropical or Asian Store)

2 Cups Water (used throughout cooking as needed)

1 TBS Cayenne Pepper

———–In a large pot, add in Cassava Leaves on med/high heat, cover and cook for 10 mins mashing and stirring occasionally.  Add bell pepper, onions, salt, 1 cup of water or just enough to get a boil at the bottom, cook for 25 minutes covered.  Stir in palm oil, maggie, peanut butter, meat covered bring to a boil, cover, reduced heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.  After 30 minutes give it a taste to see if any salt and water is needed then add cayenne.  Best served over rice or eaten with Pounded Yam or Gari.  Lets Grub!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ


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