Simple Southern Charm

Hey Butterflies!  It’s been forever I know.  I’m so grateful that some of my social media followers has given me enough courage to post again.  I have been moving around alot over the last 6 years and soon I will be settled in the North Georgia mountains, YAH!  It’s amazing how simple things make such a huge impact on life…Creative Healthy Food, you know!  So here is a simple recipe that I’ve learned in my Southern travels and being married to a cowboy…that healthy is not so bad.  I call him #Shakespeare and he calls this the “Mayto” Sandwich.

Recipe:  1 Serving

2 slices of Honey Wheat bread or bread of choice

1 Roma tomato cleaned and sliced at an angle

Salt and Pepper

Mayo or Vegan spread

—spread that Mayo on both bread slices THICK and sprinkle s/p on one slice then top it with roma tomatoes.  Top the tomatoes with more s/p.  Add the other slice of bread on top…slice it and serve.

—This is one of the most simplest, easy and healthiest lunch anyone could love.  Get your Mayto on!

Peace and Blessings

TaNeal ƸӜƷ

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