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TaNeal is the ultimate multi-tasker.  From songwriting and music production, web development and graphics, socializing and networking she has a lot going on but what seems to keep her grounded is the joy of cooking.  It has only been a few years that TaNeal found this passion to explore in the kitchen and she feels that doesn’t take so much brain power, it’s more second nature.

In 2006, TaNeal found out she had sarcoidosis of the lungs.  Immediately she knew she had to change her diet.  Starting small like using honey instead of sugar or using more black pepper instead of salt, she soon found the taste for healthy tasty dishes.  Patience was important for her to learn as well in her condition so what better way to learn patience than with cooking!

This is a healthy food lovers blog with posts including different types of food, recipes, and information about staying healthy.   Thank you for reading this blog and enjoy!

P.S.  I love Butterflies and fascinated by their transitions and beauty!



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